Arizona Ingredients

Elli K Skincare harnesses the rejuvenating power of the earth and sea

Sedona Water, a gift from the earth, is a naturally flowing pure spring water found only in Arizona. Some of the purest water on earth, Sedona Water is formed by rain and snowfall over hundreds of years and naturally filters through the rocks of the Sedona canyons.

Based on research by Dr. L of the University of Arizona, the water was found to help enhance the skin’s immunity and purify the body. AZ10-BIOME™ Designed using a special double-fermenting process that blends cactus honey, echinacea and banana yucca with Sedona Water to provide deep moisture and vitality to the skin.

Native Americans have used cactus honey and echinacea for over 400 years to treat various ailments. They also used banana yucca as a traditional herbal remedy to reduce inflammation. The saponins in the banana yucca also help slow down aging of the skin.

AZ4-RX™ is formulated with the most skin-friendly fermented oils - desert cactus oil and jojoba oil - which both enhance the skin’s natural protection against the external environment.

The sea of inspiration

The sea is a vast world of mysterious underwater creatures. One extraordinary organism is the Turritopsis dohrnii, also known as the “immortal jellyfish.” A unique species, the immortal jellyfish has the ability to revert back to a younger version of itself when faced with injury or starvation.

Immortal anti-aging complex

Through a unique process, Elli K has replicated the “secret” of the immortal jellyfish into a patented anti-aging complex, called NEUROVITY™ In addition, Elli K has developed PROGELINE™, another patented anti-aging complex that makes the skin more elastic and smooth .

The science behind eternal beauty -the immortal jellyfish

Time cannot stop or be reversed. Therefore, human life is finite, and beauty blooms and withers like a flower. From Qin Shi Huang in China to Cleopatra in Egypt, human beings through the centuries have sought eternal beauty, to no avail.

However, in 1988, one scientist in a small coastal town in Italy, stumbled upon an amazing discovery that might be the secret to anti-aging. Christian Sommer, a young German scientist, studied aquatic insects in Rappallo, Italy.

One day, he accidentally discovered a tiny jellyfish, the Turritopsis dohrnii, that was only 1 cm and did not die. He nicknamed it “immortal jellyfish,” which it is known as today.

Elli K decided to study the secret of the immortal jellyfish. She focused on the NEUROVITY ingredient based on the FOXO mechanism, the longevity gene of the species.

Neurovity contains several active components that are effective for anti-neuro-aging and brightening of the skin. The components restore the skin’s loss of moisture, associated with the aging process, and tighten the skin’s core elasticity.

In addition, Neurovity activates a system that repairs DNA damaged by stress, inflammation, air pollution, tobacco, industrial waste among other environmental elements that surround us in today’s world.