Skincare with Elli K

We use materials with microbes added to healthy plants grown in Sedona, mysterious land of genuine rest and stability given by Mother Nature. The patented ingredients AZ10-BIOME™ and AZ4-RX™ were developed by studying the fermentation mechanism to increase the skin absorption of the active ingredient by converting the raw material molecular particles into a low-molecular form. You feel like you again. 

Arizona-Based Ingredients

Sedona Water

Rich in minerals, Sedona Water helps to restore damaged skin balance and form a healthy skin barrier.

Sedona Water is a powerful natural ingredient that filters through the various waterfalls and rocks of Oak Creek Canyon in northern Arizona, along the Mogollon Rim.


AZ10-BIOME™ is our patented water-based ingredient that is double fermented with apples, cactus flower nectar, and Arizona's traditional herbs such as echinacea and banana yucca used in Native American medicine. 

Amino acids and organic acids generated during fermentation help to improve skin texture and hydration.


This uniquely patented oil-based ingredient is produced by fermenting four ingredients- including cactus oil, jojoba oil, and apples.

It effectively delivers powerful nutrients from the ingredients to the skin, helping to create a stronger, moisturized barrier while restoring the skin’s suppleness. This also increases the skin's regeneration abilities.


An anti-aging-specific complex that scientifically embodies the secrets of deep-sea life called immortal jellyfish, and Progeline™, which has excellent effects on aging, smooths wrinkled skin.

It improves skin elasticity, wrinkles, regeneration, and smoothness of skin.