Beauty Scent

Argeville fragrances of France with a 100-year history

When you apply Elli K skincare to your skin, you immediately smell the luxurious fragrance created by experts for over a century. 

Collaboration Story

Argeville, a perfume research institute in France, is located in the town of Grasse, a town on the French Riviera known for its long-established perfume industry. Argeville perfumes first originated in 1921. From a long tradition of innovation, Argeville develops perfumes using natural raw materials produced by cutting-edge technology. A team of over 20 professional perfumers famous for their impeccable expertise in scents, create some of the world’s most sensual and unforgettable fragrances.

To this day, Argeville continues to live up to its 100-year-old reputation of manufacturing excellence, strict product quality control, compliance with environmental standards and health-conscious business ethics. That is why Elli K collaborates with Argeville.