Elli-K Verse

Music calms the spirit.

Elli K takes you on a deeper journey using certain rhythms and alpha waves that calm the mind.

Enjoy the experience of deep relaxation with Elli K’s unique music solution. Give yourself the gift of time, and rediscover your beauty from within.

The Unique Sounds of Arizona

Inspired by Arizona's mysterious beauty, Elli K's music consists of seven stories that last for 20 minutes in classical melody. The piece also includes the vivid natural sounds of Arizona. Dirk Sobotka, a six-time Grammy Award-winning American sound engineer, has come up with an album that brings Arizona to life with the perfect blend of music and sound, which is recorded in nature.

Inspired by Arizona’s majestic beauty and nature, the Elli K music works consist of seven instrumental tracks, each one blending symphonic music works with actual sounds of nature recorded in Arizona.

Sounds of wind, water flowing and birds are among the natural sounds woven into the music. The tracks were recorded and engineered by Dirk Sobotka, a six-time Grammy Award-winning American sound engineer.

The music was composed by Youngchan Kwon and recorded at the Bernie Grundman studio in Los Angeles.

"The Journey of the Hummingbird" Soundtrack

While you are enjoying the Elli K moisturizing mask on your skin, allow the Elli K music to absorb into your soul.

Studies show that while listening to music, the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin are released by the brain. They calm the mind and alleviate depression.

Let Elli K’s multi-sensory beauty experience transport you to the uplifting and relaxing world of Arizona’s nature to restore and reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit.

Soundtrack - Part 1

Letter from Arizona

1. Camelback Canyon

2. Sedona

3. Desert Botanical Garden

4. Flagstaff

5. A letter from Arizona

6. Saguaro Lake

7. Paradise Valley