Brand Story

It all began in Arizona, the land we love

Where the bright red rocks of Sedona release a magical resonance, and the great Saguaro Lake, a sea held in by a desert, shows off its majestic cacti standing guard over the land. Arizona, home of the world’s most powerful energy, the Sedona vortexes – sought out by people around the world.

Arizona Miracles

People from all over the world come to Arizona for its strong vortex energy. They immerse themselves in Arizona’s nature - including the grand desert land and water, rejuvenating their minds and bodies.

Elli K

Beauty Inside & Out

Elli K is a cosmetic that pursues both inner and outer beauty by looking deeply into music, nature, and the human soul, rather than focusing only outer beauty. Also, music ritual brand that embodies true luxury and Arizona's heritage.

ARIZONA Heritage

Land of Healing

Among the destinations in Arizona is the city of Sedona. Known as the “Land of Healing,” the city is famous for its mysterious energy vortexes and naturally flowing spring water that cleanse and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. From the healing energy of Sedona’s natural elements, the Elli K beauty brand was born.

Arizona is the home of some of the most awe-inspiring geological wonders of the world - the Antelope Canyons. Visitors travel far and wide to marvel at the beauty of the red-hued, swirling sandstone formations and breathtaking landscapes.